Sass & Balderdash

Despite having an immune system that puts the U.S. National Guard to shame (I know what you’re thinking–what doesn’t put the U.S. National Guard to shame), sometimes a virus permeates my defenses, and I come down with a cold. From the skipping work good to the incapacitated in bed bad of being sick, there are some activities that I think we all love to participate in during times of sickness:

  1. Perfecting Your Disgusting Cough: There are few things more satisfying than letting loose a with a hacking cough that has the healthy, Vitamin C freaks around you clutching their hand sanitizer like rosary beads. You need to really dig—below the coating of mucus in your throat—deep into your lungs to summon a really nasty, thick pulmonary cough. It helps to warm up with a phlegm-bubbling throat clearing or two.
  2. Breaking Your Old Record for Biggest Pile of Used Kleenex: My…

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